Postcards: Surfing in Puerto Rico and the best spots to do so

Surfing in Puerto Rico is on my travel bucket list.

surfing in Puerto Rico, Aguadilla

Photo: Josh Bozarth, Flickr Commons

Odd, eh? Not crossed off yet! I grew up in the island and was there for 18 years of my life. However, never made it to surfing. I was an avid in-line rollerskater, mountain biker, and track & field athlete — and a nerd. I think my mom refused to buy me a surfing board and by the time I was able to afford one, I moved to the United States to go to college.

surfing in Puerto Rico, girls

Photo: redpepperflakes, Flickr

Funny how life works, eh? Still, with many of my friends surfers themselves, I recently wrote a detailed article about the “Top Surfing Beaches in Puerto Rico” for My Destination, my newest client!

In case you were wondering: Yes, I’m also a bilingual freelance travel writer on the side in addition to being a nomadic translator + work 40 hours+/week as a full-time manager for an e-commerce firm in the U.S. Speaking of which…my spirit has been facing some tough tests latelybut I’ll talk to you more about that on  a separate blog post at a later date. Now! Back to the fun photos:

surfing in Puerto Rico, Rincon's big waves

Big wave in Rincón! Photo: captain_ambiance, Flickr

surfing at sunset

surfing under the beautiful Puerto Rican sunset must be magical! Photo: Josh Bozarth

Have you ever gone surfing in Puerto Rico? Is it on your #TravelBL?

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