It is OK to be normal …at least for a little bit

It is OK to be normal and let the wind blow sometimes

It is OK to be normal for a bit…Winds changed, but I’ll reach my dreams soon enough!

“It is OK to be normal…please be patient little María!” I need to keep reminding myself. If I don’t, I’ll go insane. Literally. As I had some plans…some big plans. I was going to either move back to the Middle East, Oceania or heck, I even considered Brazil. I was so excited that after paying for all my debt this summer I was going to start a new life abroad again in the Fall. But of course, not everything went as planned…

I got a promotion. I’m now the marketing & translation manager at my company.

Anyone in America would be psyched. Heck, a career! At the tender age of 24!

But instead, I‘m scared.

Not of the demands and responsibilities of the new position, though. I’ve already been managing many translation projects and helping the project manager in many of her tasks.

I’m scared of the stability. Am I going to get stuck now!?

Another proof that I’m crazy. I’m scared my nomadic life will be over, that I won’t be able to travel the world as much anymore. That I’m going to be stuck in Tampa for much, much longer. That, eventually, I’m going to get so comfortable with the annual salary raises, the promotions, the typical American life. That I’m going to forget my free spirit and regret every second of it when I grow old. Will this happen?! It is okay to be normal, without losing my soul in the process?!

Then I remember how all the “speed bumps” in my life have brought me ever closer to my dreams, to the career I’ve always wanted, to every passion of mine. Is this another one of God’s funny little secrets, then? Is this another little joke of the universe? One I will laugh at later on in life?

I think so.

As hard as it is to accept now, seems like there’s a big, BIG plan that the future is storing for me and that for now, all I have to do is be what “American society” deems to be a “responsible adult:” Pay off debt, save, put money away for retirement, start investing. Then, when those funds get fat, perhaps my big break will come again? Or maybe a different epiphany? I don’t know, but I have learned to be thankful for blessings in disguise and follow my heart.

My heart is a bit restless at the moment, but it also knows I should stay here longer.

Plus, I gotta admit, the gig I got now is pretty sweet. My boss is awesome (how many people get to say that!?), the work environment is great, and I enjoy my projects for the most part. And it pays well. So I’ll just keep paying off my debt, traveling as much as I can on holidays and vacays for leisure, writing about the many journeys I have yet shared with the world. And most importantly? Keep listening to my heart carefully. Then, once I pay off all my debt, once my heart starts screaming for me to leave, I will.

I must keep reminding myself that it is OK to be normal…at least for a little bit 😉

I feel my heart jumping right now. I’m starting to feel, to believe, that this will take me closer to my dream career. I’m just a little impatient…!!!

8 thoughts on “It is OK to be normal …at least for a little bit

  1. Normal? Hahaha I love you to bits and have had fun travelling with you and spending time with you and your BF in Florida…BUT you are anything but normal, even just for a bit! Aren’t you from some Caribbean place I won’t mention as you do often enough? Not saying that is the (only) reason you are not normal 😉

    Anyway, means to an end… I got six trips OS last year and was loving it but now I have to work hard and will only take one (Cambodia, which you should come on or send your BF to help at the very least) to save for the bigger, longer journey OS in the next 18 months.

    I know I will see you again soon, in some foreign place where you can (again) tell me you are from Puerto Rico 10 times a day… damn it now I said it!

    Miss you two… Mitch

    • yeah, but I share the same problem — being in an office typing 5 days a week, 8 hours a day is too draining and I feel it aging my body prematurely already! Our bodies were created to be on the move constantly. Ahh, can’t wait to travel/walk more on a daily basis!

  2. I agree with Pola, having a full time job should not stop you from having a travel-filled lifestyle. (sorry for self-promoting, but I actually just did a post on it –

    It’s true that there are limitations but it shouldn’t stop you from travelling. I’ve never had a time myself out of a job but still manage to travel to Southeast Asia & Europe.

    Good luck!

    • Hey Jerick! I guess my problem (and thus fear) lie on the fact that I barely get any (paid) days off a year. Also, due to my new position, it is not like I can take many unpaid days off either “just to travel” you know? I know it is so different in other parts of the world…the USA is one of the most strict about this. And while weekend trips might be ideal for some countries in North america/Caribbean, not so much to Asia, Europe, etc. Still, I will do what I can to travel because I simply can’t stop! 😉 thanks for the tips

  3. You’ll be fine, Maria! I joggle traveling and a corporate job (in marketing nonetheless). It’s possible not to lose your free spirit – once a nomad, always a nomad… So just enjoy the perks and keep traveling (those business trips will come help…).

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