Best beaches of Curacao, a photo essay (part 2!)

Beach Thursday this week translates to The Best Beaches of Curacao! In the past couple of posts, you’ve learned (and seen) some of Curacao‘s exotic offerings: Eating iguana for lunch, fake beaches and nice resorts. Finally though, it is down to the best of the best. While I will be talking about gorgeous Punda center in a future post, we are beach hopping today!

Best beaches of Curacao: On the way…

Curacao beach hopping tour

beach hopping road trips are the best

Before I talk about the best of the best beaches of Curacao, I must at least mention others we found on the way. As you already know, I visited all these beaches during a Beach Hopping tour offered by Irie Tours. They were absolutely fantastic the whole way, the driver was great, and we even got free Venezuelan beer during the entire trip. Awesome double-whammy for a budget traveler like myself 😀 so! That being said, beaches we visited were Santa Cruz, Porti Mari, Kenepa Chiki, and another one I can’t quite remember the name of (Lola, please help me out!). I have included gorgeous photos below. Albeit the cloudy weather, views were great!

unknown Curacao beach

Beach I can’t remember the name of – help me out Mrs Lola!

best beaches of Curacao, unknown Curacao beach

me at the “unknown” Curacao beach – found out it’s named Westpunt!

best beaches of Curacao, Playa Santa Cruz

loved these signs to identify most beaches in Curacao

Kenepa Chiki

too bad the weather was cloudy–I’m sure these beaches are even more spectacular than my photos show!

Fortunately though, Mother Nature graced us with a bit of sunshine sprinkled throughout the day — enough to allow us to enjoy two beaches in their full gorgeous selves! 😀 Maybe, then, I am a bit bias when I describe the following as the beast beaches of Curacao IMHO. But how can you blame me after seeing these?!

Playa Kalki

best beaches of Curacao, Playa Kalki

Playa Kalki – one of the best beaches of Curacao? I think so!

Playa Kalki was the very first beach we visited during our beach hopping tour. We arrived while it was raining, but later on the clouds revealed a hot sun — and many iguanas! I took the time to snap some great photos and tell my boyfriend at home how much I missed him (story to follow soon! That’s some news I haven’t shared with you yet…).

best beaches of Curacao, Playa Kalki

look at that water!

Messages to habibi back in America…

wish you were here, Playa Kalki

I love jou!

Kalki beach, Curacao


After Playa Kalki, we drove by the beaches I previously mentioned and spend a couple of minutes walking on the sand and snapping photos. We only really got to enjoy sun bathing and relaxation at about 3 beaches, as that’s what our time allowed. Still, we covered a lot in 6 hours!

Kenepa Grandi

Playa Kenepa Grandi

my favorite!

Kenepa Grandi arguably tops the list of the best beaches of Curacao by many accounts — and was definitely my favorite! The gorgeous views afforded from the cliff/terrace overlooking the Caribbean Sea in the horizon and beach below are simply breathtaking.

best beaches of Curacao, Kenepa Grandi

what a view!

best beaches of Curacao, Kenepa Grande


Playa Kenip Grande

our tour group was nothing but ladies!

That’s it for this week’s Beach Thursday! In the coming month I will unveil the last spot in my list of the Best Beaches of Curacao. The chosen one? Cas Abou beach!

Are these the best beaches of Curacao to you or not? Comment below?

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    • Me gano mi dinero trabajando duro como travel writer para otras revistas de viajes y pags. de Internet. También soy marketing/translation manager en una compañía acá en EEUU, paga bien.

      No necesito que ningún hombre me pague nada. Yo trabajo honestamente y me gano mis experiencias. Tus comentarios son tristes y fuera de lugar. Si sigues así serás bloqueado permanentemente. Mi blog es para compartir ideas, inspiración y viajes. No para insultar y dejar comentarios groseros.

      Tú decides Diego.

  1. Mami, no habia visto estas fotos! Esta way betther that the ones from Cancun.

    Pareces un langosta en la orilla , por la carnecita, mmm… ajajajajaja

    Te ves super!

  2. By the way, that “unknown” beach is called Westpunt… It is kind of between Playa Kalki and the Kenepa Grandi beaches… 🙂

      • Yes, Westpunt and also known as Playa Forti. Here you can find the highest and safest point of the island to take a jump in the water. (Cliff jumping/diving). Did you know that? :p

        BTW really nice travel blogs!!!

        • Thanks Quiency! yes, I was aware of the cliff diving. However, our beach hopping tour was coming to an end and we couldn’t stay at this beach longer. A pity, but yet another excuse to go back to Curaçao!

  3. Thank you sooo much for this wonderful publicity for Curacao and its lovely beaches. The architecture is not too shabby either! I am very glad you enjoyed yourself. Not enough people know about this special little island, and hopefully with your photo essays you will help put MY island in the sun even more so on the map! 🙂 Keep spreading the (good) word!! Danki!

    • I agree with you 100%! Love the colorful buildings and the beautiful beaches. Also, the friendly people. Curacao is a great island getaway and I’ll never get tired of saying that 🙂

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