Travel bucket list photos & #TravelBL AIR chat recap – Oct. 19th

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Missed #TravelBL aka the Travel Bucket List chat yesterday? No worries! Here’s a recap of what happened on both sessions so you get a taste of the fun. Don’t forget to join us next week at noon and 6:15 pm (EST), using #TravelBL so you can share your travel bucket list items and get inspired by others!

This week’s theme was UP IN THE AIR. Grab a pen and add your favorites to that travel bucket list of yours! **Questions formulated by yours truly, @latinAbroad =)

travel bucket list micro flight

micro flight over the Victoria Falls, Africa (Photo:

Q1. Most exciting activities you’ve done “up in the air”?

“I did fly in a scary itty bitty plane above the Kenyan valley. Sounds simple, but was scary to me lol” –@CaroBotelho

“Bungee, sky dive etc and I hate heights!” –@timteece

“Helicopter rides over 12 Apostles in Oz and ovr Franz Josef glacier in NZ” –@ilivetotravel

“I’m doing hot air balloon in the Jordan desert next week!” @gogogasti

“This #travelBL discussion is terrifying. I will stick to roller coasters…” –@sickontheroad

travel bucket list paragliding

paragliding over the Norwegian fjords (Photo: Ben, Flikr)

Q2. What “up in the air” activities are in your travel bucket list?

“Definitely paragliding and hot air ballooning” –@goodtravellife

“Next on list is chopper (helicopter)! sweet! […] (also) would be interesting to bungee jump out of a hot air balloon” –@timteece

“All the hot air balloon answers, make me want to get in one now. 🙂 Would love to go over San Francisco & Napa Valley” –@elatlboy

 “flight over Nazca Lines, Peru. That’s exciting and scary! Wanna do it again!” –@CaroBotelho

travel bucket list first class flight

Emirates airlines' private suite, first class (Photo:

Q3. Got any airline-related items in your travel bucket list? What would your ideal flight include?

“Definately those cool planes you see with beds- like singapore airlines always look awesome” –@MexicanAtHeartJ

“Would love to fly 1st class one day”  –@sickontheroad

“Basically, I would clone Air Force One. lol” –@latinAbroad

“I’ve been fortunate to do Emirates, Lufthansa, Air Canada Bus.- lie flat with amazing” –@marktravel

travel bucket list flying Bora Bora

flying over Bora Bora, French Polynesia (Photo:

Q4.  If you had the ability to fly, what would you do?

“Dodge passport and visa checks by flying from one country to another” –@deesomera

“Two words: water balloons. Or charge for rides… ” –@CancunGringa

” I would probably fly through a hole in a mountain like this guy:” –@sickontheroad

“Fly around the world in 80 days lol”  –@CaroBotelho

travel bucket list Dave Salmoni

Dave Salmoni: Added to my travel bucket list--among many other "to-do" lists (

Q5. If you were Batman, who would be your Robin? Which city would you protect? Why?

“Being Batman is so much pressure… But I’d pick Lady Gaga to be my Robin. She’d distract the evildoers for me” –@ilivetotravel

“Dave Salmoni- the Lion walker, he’s hot! Vancouver- it has mountains, ocean, wildlife, and fabulous food!” –@goodtravellife

“@MalloryOnTravel”  –@roniweiss

“Hey big guy I don’t play Robin to anybody’s Batman, even yours :p good job Batman has many personas” –@MalloryOnTravel

travel bucket list Vancouver Batman

Vancouver calling Batman--really (

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