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Travel bucket list world map

Travel bucket list item # 10: “Travel to AND enjoy 100 countries” – Cole & Adela

Cole and Adela’s travel bucket list
You’ll be inspired by their list if you like: Working abroad, seasonal travel, epic journeys

Travel bucket list, zorbing

Travel bucket list item # 18: “Zorbing” -Rick & Sandi

* Rick and Sandi’s travel bucket list
You’ll be inspired by their list if you like: Extreme sports, epic journeys, celebrity sightings

Travel bucket list, overwater bungalow, Bora Bora

Alexandra’s travel bucket list item: “A night in a bungalow over the water in Bora Bora”

* Alexandra’s travel bucket list
You’ll be inspired by her list if you like: Romance, cultural encounters,

 travel bucket list, Bear Grylls

My & Alex’s bucket list item: “Survive” with Bear Grylls (Photo: Kalei Brooks)

* Spend some weeks “surviving” with Bear Grylls

I will give props to Alexandra over there (@Alexandraeh on twitter) for this travel bucket list inspiration last week. Spending some weeks with Bear Grylls “surviving” in the wilderness (and much, much else) would be an adventure of epic proportions (for many R-rated reasons I can’t mention, too). But on to the more PG reasons: Learning how to eat gross animals, build my own shelter, take care of bad wounds with natural sources found who-knows-where-I-was-left-off…all while having such eye candy who can actually take care of me if I mess up at this “being tough” thing…ummm yes, “cast me away” with Mr Grylls, please!

training an otter

Tiffany training an otter – aww! Now on *my* travel bucket list! =)

Tiffany’s travel bucket list
You’ll be inspired by her list if you like: Animals! Wild encounters! =)

Travel bucket list, NYE Times Square

For more items of my own travel bucket list, you may click here

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