Road trips: #TravelBL chat round-up, Oct. 6th

Missed #TravelBL chat this past Wednesday? No worries! Here’s a round-up of what happened on both sessions so you get a taste of the fun *wink* don’t forget to join us next week at noon and 6:15 pm (EST) so you share your travel bucket list items!

This week’s theme was ROAD TRIPS/OVERLAND ADVENTURES. Grab a pen and add your favorites to that travel bucket list list! **Special thanks to @TravelDudes (Melvin) for coming up with this week’s topic! Questions formulated by yours truly @latinAbroad =)

Q1. Best road trip/overland adventure you ever took?

“Great Ocean Road Trip, Melbourne to Adelaide!” –@emeraldcitytooz

“Pacific Coast highway (USA)” –@MMDwanderers

“Hasn’t happened yet. But we’re about to take our 1st big road trip in New Zealand! 1 month North to South” –@GQtrippin

“My first 6-day solo trip through a few mountain towns in the northern part of the Philippines” –@mariajessica

“Overland Israel, Egypt & Jordan in 2009. Hitch hiked, rode buses, couchsurfed for 2 mos. My greatest adventure to date” –@latinAbroad


Q2. Must-haves on a road trip/overland adventure?

“Mp3 player with my favorite music” –@rtwdave

“Definitely. And an MP3 player with a massive storage capacity!” –@TotalTravelBug

“Good music, a sense of adventures, & awesome travel companions” –@CaptainandClark

“A good snack” –@RunawayJuno


Q3. Things that make an overland adventure memorable?

“Funny stories shared. Great new memories made. Inside jokes! Happens when people spend a lot of time together : )” –@LolaDiMarco

“Definitely those with you matters- plus the scenery out the window” –@traveLovetweets

“Running out of gas…” also.. “in New Mexico they asked me if I had a gun when entering a bar. I was carrying a tripod…” –@jettingaround

“Great friends, spontaneous Karoake and weird sightings” –@itravel4animals

“The mishaps. The 4AM almost run out of fuel. The serendipitous” –@ilivetotravel


Q4. What overland adventures/road trips are on your travel bucket list?

“Trans-Siberian, scooter road trip rt India, Route 66, Central Asia-Gobi desert, a 2nd Middle Eastern road trip!” –@latinAbroad

@latinAbroad great list- I would add mountain drives – Alps and the drive to Whistler, B.C” –@marktravel

“Don’t have a specific destination on my list, but I love coastal road trips” –@wanderplex

“We’d rent a winnebago and drive across the US grubbin at all the diners @GuyFieri has eaten at” –@GQtrippin

“Woot! We’re doing Iceland & Mongolia” –@OverlandExperts

“Oh hell, pretty much anywhere/everywhere. I love overland travel” –@mariajessica


Q5 Best continent to take a road trip/overland adventure?

“Definitely ASIA. Street food is the best in the world! also has fantastic beaches. Can we go now?” –@IavraVillaAssoc

“Got to be the EU. History, sights, food, people” –@VacationChoices

“Australia, N America. Antarctica wld b cool but the roads tend to freeze over easily…” –@ilivetotravel 

“Road trips in Oz are amazing! The wildlife you’ll see alone is reason enough” –@emeraldcitytooz

“Was gonna A5 Europe, but since I like crazy surprises, I went for ASIA” –@latinAbroad

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