FriFotos: Amazing formations & solidified lava in Iceland

FriFotos time! This week’s theme is “STONE” so I chose some of my favorite Icelandic formations.

On these first photos, I am at a volcanic ash beach located in Vik, southern coast. It almost seems as if a sculptor simply carved into the rock, but this “stepped stone hill” of sorts and surrounding formations were chiseled and smoothed out by lava flow. Fascinating!

Vik, Iceland
Me @ the “stepped” hill in the southern coast – SO unreal, no?!
Icelandic beach

Us climbing the "lava stairs" hill at the Icelandic beach!

Icelandic landscape
solidified lava
Icelandic landscape
amazing formations at volcanic ash beach by Vik, southern coast

Many great “stones” or rocks can be found all over Iceland, though. Below, volcanic rocks (and some smothered in covered with silica mud) at the Blue Lagoon. White remnants of a silica mud facial mask can be found on my face (=P)

Blue Lagoon
Me @ Blue Lagoon, taking a dip by volcanic rocks covered in silica mud
Blue Lagoon
many volcanic rocks @ Blue Lagoon by the entrance of the complex
Blue Lagoon entrance
Volcanic rocks, silica mud & frozen waters (by the “shore”) @ the Blue Lagoon

I love Iceland as a whole, though–not just the scenes from these pictures. I found all Icelandic landscapes to be so fascinating, all throughout the country and just so different from the rest of Europe! I actually felt as if I had landed on a different planet. And Icelandic people? Some of the friendliest I have ever encountered in my world travels. Ahhh, can’t wait to go back! =) My first and only visit was a week-long stopover in December 2009.

Icelandic landscape
Cool mountain spotted during one of our Icelandic road trips

Have you ever been to Iceland? Post your awesome “stone” photos below!

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