Travel bucket list Wednesdays are now #TravelBL! Submit your posts

Whether you call it a bucket list, or travel bucket list, or things to do before I die; or if you simply call them dreams or goals: Everybody has one of those “lists,” either written on paper, on a computer, in their mind, or in their heart. My bucket list has always involved traveling, and so I have called it the travel bucket list, and this shall be part 4! (click for part 1 , part 2 and R-rated part 3).

Starting this week, however, I decided to make Travel bucket list Wednesdays yours as well – and go viral! Starting today, I will take submissions of the best items on your travel bucket lists. Then, on Wednesday, I will choose and feature the most unique items in order to make the BEST.List.EVER.

How it works:

1. Write a post on your blog or site featuring the best items on your travel bucket list (with photos!). There is no limit: You can make your list as long or as short as you wish!

2. Submit the link (no links, but your actual blog’s permalink) of the travel bucket list post on a comment below

3. Tweet your submission with our spanking-new hashtag: #TravelBL

4. Every Wednesday, I’ll publish all submissions received that week! The format will be a post on including a list of all travel bucket list post submissions. Each entry on said list will include your Twitter handle and link to your blog post. Additionally, I will do several RT’s of the travel bucket list post AND your blog throughout that week. Talk about extra exposure!

5. Repeat! This will be a weekly thing! I will even start to host a #TravelBL chat (a la #ttot style) at 12:00 PM and 6:15 PM (EST) every Wednesday to discuss our items, get travel inspiration from other travelers, and more!

If it helps on your decision, my blog has been live only since June 2011 (barely 3 months!) and it already has more than 4,300 unique visitors – so our network and exposure will only GROW, bigger and bigger!

Travel bucket list Abu Simbel

Visit Abu Simbel temple, Egypt – CHECK! What about YOURS?

What are you waiting for?! Go run to your blog, put together that awesome travel bucket list of yours and come back here to share it with us. Be part of the new, exciting #TravelBL Wednesdays! And of course, feel free to use this hashtag any other time of the week =D

 What’s on your travel bucket list? What have you crossed off already?

23 thoughts on “Travel bucket list Wednesdays are now #TravelBL! Submit your posts

    • Gracias! I will include your post on today’s #TravelBL features. Hope you join our chat @ noon and 6:15 pm (EST) today!

      ps – Hump Day IS awesome

  1. Is this the “To do” list or a “done it ‘ list considering I’ve done all but 2 on my list?
    Oh OK I’ll go think of some to do and submit that!
    BTW fab idea. You rock!

    • Glad you love the idea! As long as it is a travel bucket list, even if you have crossed out all of your items, SUBMIT it! In fact, when people see you have crossed all of them out they are likely to be even MORE inspired 😉 so get your post ready, come back here to submit it and don’t forget to join ne (or both!) chats tomorrow at noon & 6:00 PM (EST) on Twitter!! #TravelBL 😉

    • I wholeheartedly agree! Will def. get in touch with you. A bit busy this week so will get back at ya this weekend. Sounds good? 🙂 Thanks!

    • Thanks for your submission, Kayla! Stay tuned as all posts received will be published next Wednesday. Hope you join us at the #TravelBL chat on Twitter today (@ 6 PM EST)! 🙂

    • AWESOME then!! Please remember to make a post about your travel bucket list, tweet it with the #TravelBL tag and come back to submit it here! I’m organizing the questions for the #TravelBL dayview chat tomorrow, so excited! 😀

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