Mexican Superstitions: Part 6 of World Superstitions series

And so it is MONDAY, meaning we resume the already-popular The World’s Superstitions series! Today we travel back to Latin America and grab a list of Mexican superstitions, the 14th largest country in the world! If you have any suggestions for future Monday cultural tidbits posts please let me know with a comment below! Any feedback is appreciated!

* In order to avoid the evil eye, you must follow these rules of thumb: Never walk beneath a ladder, never cross a black cat’s path & remember Tuesday is an unlucky day to start anything. Sound familiar? *wink*

* Having a baby? Remember not to cut his/her little fingernails before age one! Or else the child will have impaired eyesight…yikes!

* Another “tip” to protect your baby: If someone gives your child a compliment, he/she must touch the baby while doing so or else he/she has just given your child the evil eye!

Mexican superstitions

Mexican superstitions mainly involve pregnant women and children

* One way to tell the above? If your child is suffering of nausea, crying fits, high fever or any type of swelling. These symptoms are thought to be a result of “mal de ojo” or evil eye in Spanish, so watch out! To break the “spell,” simply rub 3 mouthfuls of water on the affected areas

* To protect you and your children from the “mal de ojo,” you could also wear red bracelets

* If you are pregnant, do not walk outside during a lunar eclipse! According to Mexican superstitions, it is thought that you may give birth to a baby with a cleft palate

* Oh man…is it all about babies?! Well, I found one that isn’t! Here it is: Like Puerto Ricans, according to Mexican superstitions, the Chupacabra exists. You know, the carnivore animal that eats all you domestic animals left outside? Yep, that one.

* And here’s another “universal” Mexican superstition: Dropped a tortilla? That’s good luck! Means you will enjoy lots of company =)

* It is common in Mexican households to not cut their children’s hair until they grow up, as they believe the long hair will equal strength (Samson, anyone?)

* Another “tip” if you are expecting: Wearing a safety pin in your undies is another way of protecting your baby from the evil eye, full moon, and other “calamities”

And that shall be all for Mexican superstitions! Next Monday I shall have a new [surprise] country and its nice list of superstitions! If there is a particular country you would like me to research, tell me in your response so I take it into consideration! (Hint: I will probably write about every country I am provided *wink*)

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Know any other Mexican superstitions? Share in a comment below!

6 thoughts on “Mexican Superstitions: Part 6 of World Superstitions series

  1. My husband is mexican. We are in ajalapan puebla visiting his family. He was takig a shower and i was in our room. I walked outside of the room to brush my teeth. When i came back in there was a creepy looking insect thing at the corner of my bed. I then proceeded to freak out and smash the monster. When my husband came back he told me that this animal come to people when someone is pregnant. And just so happens i am running late also the insect is called a tailess whip scorpion. Adios!

  2. they say if u burn a tortilla someone’s going to get married! (: this one is true! every time my suegra (mother in law) burnt a tortilla since ive known her, one of us has gotten engaged to be married!!

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