Palestinian Superstitions: Part 5 of series

Today we resume the already-popular The World’s Superstitions series, traveling all the way to the Middle East and bringing back a list of Palestinian superstitions! Oh, btw, I have decided that it is best to continue cultural tidbits posts on  Mondays and generalizing this series *wink* also, that leaves the rest of the week for fresh posts about other tales from around the world. What do you think? Any feedback is appreciated!

Palestinian superstitions

Want to be guarded off evil at all times? Keep reading

* “If you use clothes in reverse your stomach will ache”

* “If you deny food to a pregnant woman you will get a sty in the eye”

* As the French, according to Palestinian superstitions, when you feel your ears are buzzing, someone is talking to you, maybe even from far away =)

* According to some Palestinians, they remember that when they were young, their mothers would tell them not to wear wet -shirts, as they could cause tummy aches as well!

* If you say something like “this has never happened to me!” you must knock on…a head! According to many Palestinians, any action in the West that would prompt a “knock on wood” reaction would prompt a “knock on someone’s head” reaction. Funny, no?

* Thought being a lefty was bad enough elsewhere in the world? Well my lefty friends, you are not spared in Palestine: They believe that if you enter a new place by stepping in with your left foot first, it’s bad omen!

* Love cherries? Don’t eat them with seeds – or else you will get appendicitis!

* See a black cat or walk under a ladder? Yes, you guessed it: Bad luck to you my friend!

* Got the hiccups? Oh, that means someone somewhere has mentioned your name! For the good or the bad? We don’t know that much!

* Keep those slippers of yours capsized at all times – Palestinian superstitions say that not doing so makes them bad omens.

* Want to be guarded off evil at all times? Then always wear a Khamsa (Hamza) pendant (picture provided above)

That shall be all for Palestinian superstitions! Stay tuned as tomorrow I’ll have a fresh entry including tips on how to dress in a certain country (you’ll find out tomorrow!) and of course, next Monday we’ll be discovering cultural tidbits of a whole new country! By the by, if there is a particular country you would like me to research, tell me in your response so I take it into consideration! (Hint: I will probably write about every country I am provided *wink*)

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Know any other Palestinian superstitions? Share in a comment below!

3 thoughts on “Palestinian Superstitions: Part 5 of series

  1. I like Palestinian people because they are very kind and helpful they are also so cute I wish I am Palestinian I will say that Palestine is a great country and it is the best

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