Australian superstitions: Part 4 of series

And today we resume the already-popular The World’s Superstitions series, traveling all the way to the South Pacific and bringing back a list of Australian superstitions!

* See a pin, let it lay? You will have bad luck all day. See a pin, pick it up? You will have good luck!

* Remember how Puerto Rico has the Chupacabra? According to Australian superstitions, Aussies have the Bunyip! While the Chupacabra viciously eats all animals in sight around bushes, the Bunyip lives in the water and may eat humans as well!

Australian superstitions, the Bunyip

the Bunyip

* Never open an unbrella inside the house

* Like Puerto Ricans, Indians, and the French, Aussies believe that walking under a ladder is bad luck!

* Throw those long-term plans through the window. Why? Not only do they “tempt” Fate, but preparing for the future actually brings bad omen! They might not work out anyway, Aussies say, so don’t have them.

* Always be the best person you can be. This alone will keep evil forces at bay. In fact, to Aussies, doing your personal best is the equivalent of “knocking on wood”!

* Little accident at the table, spilled some salt? Beware! You must throw some of it over your left shoulder or else it will bring you bad luck.

* Look at the sky. What’s its color? “Red in the morning fisherman’s warning; red at night fisherman’s delight”

* Broke a mirror? Oh no, SEVEN years of bad luck!! Interestingly, in Puerto Rico, it means seven years of bad luck in love

That shall be all for Australian superstitions! Stay tuned as tomorrow we’ll be discovering the superstitions of a whole new country! By the by, if there is a particular country you would like me to research, tell me in your response so I take it into consideration! (Hint: I will probably write about every country I am provided *wink*)

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