Egypt and the Middle East: My POV

The Middle East: My POV

Philae Temple - Aswan, Egypt

Egypt and the Middle East: My POV. I remember the initial fascination I felt seeing a picture of Nefertiti in a history book when I was in fourth grade. Across the years, that interest morphed into a fascination with Egyptian culture. In 2008, I finally got to visit Egypt, and my interest was thrown into modernity. Seeing no Nefertitis outside of the Egyptian museum, my interest in Egypt matured in the same way as Egyptian history did: From antiquity, it grew into something more complex and contemporary, with a deeper understanding of the political, economic, cultural and social issues that affect the country.

Of course, it was not all Nefertiti! In addition to living in Egypt, I wandered extensively throughout the Arab world and studied abroad in Morocco as well. Follow me on my new venture & read more about my experiences living and traveling throughout the Middle East. is my new niche site, where I will post anecdotes, insights, tips & guides about all things Middle Eastern (or Arab for that matter). Hope you enjoy it!

What’s your Middle East POV? Do you plan to visit the region?

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